4.027 laundry, meeting, av

Wednesday 12/28/2022

In the morning did the bi-weekly task of laundry. Took a short walk while the first load was running. Lunch in the dining room. Passed the time until 4 and time to run my AV squad meeting on zoom. We hashed out how to allocate the events of January. One problem is a book talk this coming Monday at 11, which nobody wanted to do including me, because there is a SWBB game at 11am also. Ian rescued me by saying, if I would help him set up at 10, he could run the event while I went to the game.

At 6:30 I went down and set up a mic in the lobby for the evening’s event, a “Christmas potpourri”, christmas music from resident musicians and then a sing-along. I had to stay around through it, to put the AV stuff away afterward.

A few months ago (see 3.304) there was a professional photo team to take realistic pictures of residents to use in advertising. Now some of the advertising is appearing. There’s a brochure being mailed around featuring pictures from that shoot, including one of me in my easy chair. You can look at a copy of the brochure at this link. I’m on the last page.

Hmm. That’s just what I look like, right this minute.

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