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Wednesday 10/12/2022

Went for The Walk, no problem. Stopped at CVS to pick up two prescriptions. They make this extremely convenient: they send a text to remind me that I have renewals waiting, and I just stop by and pick up the pills, takes a minute. But I think CVS has a little scam going on with prescription auto-renewal. One prescription was for Atorvistatin, a simple statin. When I got home I found I had more than 30 tabs in the old bottle. Just think, on a corporate-wide basis, if they just get people to renew a week earlier than necessary, how many zillions of extra pills can they sell?

The other prescription was for Metoprolol, one of my blood pressure drugs. I now have three full bottles of Metoprolol, plus the one I’m working on. This is not entirely CVS’s doing. At one point I was taking that 2 pills/day, then it was cut back to 1/day. Still, three bottles full? A couple months ago I went to the CVS site and put the Metoprolol prescription on hold — supposedly. Must go check that again.

In the afternoon I, and other 6th floor residents, was part of a photo shoot. For some time there has been griping among residents, with the way Channing House portrays itself on channinghouse.org. There are a lot of pictures of people who are not residents, doing things that residents don’t do, and nothing that really reflects the actual lifestyle and personality of the place. Finally the staff scheduled a marketing company, Love & Co., to do a new look for the site, starting with pictures of actual residents in the actual building.

The team was four people, the main photographer, a gopher, another person, and a CH staff member. They took pictures on other floors earlier and go to 6 about 1:30. They spent a lot of time taking pictures in Caroline’s apartment, then Dr. Margaret’s, then mine, then Linda’s and Gwen’s. We had been warned of this of course. I had made my place look as nice as I could. After they shot about 500 images (I exaggerate a little) of the rooms and furniture, they invited me in and shot a few more with me sitting in my chair with my computer.

At 5pm we had a floor meeting. The only real business was to start planning our TGIF. Each floor does a TGIF party, once a month. We’ve been lucky, our month is December. We just have to do the party following the Holiday Chorus performance. How many half-gallons of eggnog do we need, and how many bottles of cheap brandy?

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