Who am I?

Who indeed! It takes a certain nerve to start posting a detailed diary of your activities and your thoughts, online, every day.

I am a retired programmer and technical writer, author of a few books, and (I like to think) a decent person. Nobody special, certainly.

When Marian, my wife of 45 years, got a diagnosis of a cancer that was almost surely terminal, I had some months to think about what I would do when I “became a bachelor again.”

I knew that the transition from comfortable married old guy to an old widowed guy would be profound, and probably full of emotions and events. I wanted to document that transition, in part to supplement my own memory, and in part because journaling is a very natural mode of expression for me. I hoped that keeping track of the incidents and emotions as I progress to codger-hood, would be good for me, and possibly useful to other people in the same fix.

If you want to read from the beginning, this is it. Below the end of each post, in pale grey text, are links to the prior and the next post, so you can read it in the order written.

Here are me and Marian, at Monet’s garden in Giverny in 2012. We looked pretty much the same up until 2018 when the disease arose.

20120505_rouen_1233-lFor more about Marian, see this page. For more about me, well, read the blog.

Oh, I’ll tout my latest book, To Thrive Beyond Belief. I’ve got another book to work on when my transition settles down a bit. That’ll be in the blog when it happens.