About Marian

This is the obituary I posted the morning Marian died.

20120505_rouen_1209-xlMarian Frances Lacrampe Cortesi died today, Sunday December 2, in her 88th year and one day short of her 46th wedding anniversary. She died in the house she loved, as she wished to do. She had no pain; she simply became unresponsive for a few hours and then stopped breathing.

Warmest thanks to everyone who reached out to us recently. Marian was touched and grateful for your visits, your emails, and for the beautiful and thoughtful cards she received through these last months.

Here’s a quick bio for those who met Marian only later in life.

Born and raised in Oakland CA, she graduated from Cal with a degree in Social Welfare and a teaching certificate. She quickly found that she hated elementary school teaching (she would often recall how much she hated it and how bad she was at it). Via her brother Emile, she got a job doing mechanical drafting, at which she excelled; but soon a suggestion from a friend led her to apply to IBM, where she found her true vocation as a programmer. For over 30 years she worked for IBM at offices in San Francisco, Honolulu, Palo Alto and London.

At IBM she met David, and the two introverted nerds quickly bonded and were married in 1972. Together they traveled extensively in North America in RVs and by car. After retirement, they took long tours in New Zealand, Australia, England, France, Italy, Germany and the Nordic countries. Also together they closely followed Stanford Women’s Basketball, attending all home games and many away games.

After retiring Marian applied her computer skills to building elaborate, info-rich websites, first at the Stanford Health Library, and when that was taken away, for the SWBB fan club — where her last post was made only a month before she died.

This link is to an 8-minute slide show of pictures from Marian’s life.