4.028 fopal, meetings

Thursday 12/29/2022

Did the gym thing. That’s really not much of a challenge. I should probably extend it with time on the cybercycle. Maybe I will. But likely won’t.

Did a tiny bit of writing on the novel. Got bored and decided to go down to FOPAL. Probably I would find a box of books, clear it out in 20 minutes, and do some sorting. In fact I found quite a large pile of boxes and spent two yours getting them culled and priced and shelved.

Back at CH, at 2:30 was an in-service training for the 15 or so people who have offered to provide tech help for the Great TV Turnover. The what? Channing House has negotiated a new contract with Comcast. Currently most, but not all, apartments have Comcast boxes of various ages and models, some DVRs and some not. Under the new contract, Comcast will install new, X1 DVR boxes in all units, with new remotes.

For some who, like me, have an older X1, there will not be any significant change. The newest remote looks a little bit different but has all the same buttons, and the user interface of the box is the same as I’m used to. But for lots of people who have older, and often non-DVR, boxes and remotes there will be significant change. And this meeting was to introduce us technical help people to the new remote and its functions.

It was led by Gerald of the IT department and the feeblest kind of meeting, in which he went through a professionally prepared slide set, and basically read the text of the slides. Well, he had set up the zoom meeting rather cleverly so he could show us his fingers on the remote, and the screen of a TV, so he could demonstrate each point as he read it out. We had a lot of awkward questions, which I may get into another time.

From there I went down and joined Stew’s meeting on planning the 50s Sock Hop, in progress. Jerry was there which pleased me as he knows more about doing video with scrolling lyrics than I do.

That was it for the day.

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