4.026 whatever

Tuesday 12/27/2022

Not much doing today. Went to the gym in the morning.

In the afternoon I came to the decision to finally abandon that software project I was spending time on the last few months. I spent a couple of hours reminding myself of what is currently being used for post-processing books at Distributed Proofreaders. My program does most of that, behind a much nicer user interface, but in the end is mostly duplication. Back in 2014 I didn’t like how they did it, so I did it my way. I might still do some volunteer work for them and use my code to do it. But I am not going to pursue polishing it or advertising it to anyone else. So that’s a load off my mind and my to-do list. Really nothing left to work on except the novel that I obsess about but haven’t done much actual writing on.

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