3.341 recuperating

Friday 11/18/2022

Since I had canceled out of the Baylands bus I had nothing on the day’s calendar. During the day I solved a couple of software mysteries. I have my app now on two different Macs, the laptop with the new Apple M1 silicon, and the old iMac with Intel silicon. On the latter the app behaved oddly in a couple of ways and I resolved those issues. The next thing will be to try to package it.

I edited the video for Dr. Margaret’s talk. Due to a blunder by me, nobody else is to blame, we lost the first 3 minutes of audio. The audience in the room heard it fine, but I had neglected to click one thing to send the room audio out to zoom, and of course it was the zoom meeting that was recorded. Well. Nothing to do about it now.

About 10am I went out for a walk, not sure how far I would want to go. Turned out, not far. The pain and stiffness in the left hip was annoying enough that I only went around a 3-block orbit. Later I walked one lap of our roof (840 feet or 1/6 of a mile if you follow the marked path). I think it is getting better but I’m going to be sore for a while longer.

Dinner with Patty and Leon and Margaret. Talked about the insanities going on a Twitter, with Musk trying to micro-manage the remaining coders. That is not how a high-tech CEO should operate.

In the morning I called Facilities to hang the new art. The guy came up in half an hour. Here’s my outside gallery now.

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