3.340 quiet day

Thursday 11/17/2022

Took two ibuprofen before bed and slept normally. Thought my hip was normal until I actually tried walking down the hall, meaning to go to the gym. Oops, gimpy. Decided not to go to the gym. Also, later in the day, canceled out of the Baylands walk on Friday that I had signed up for.

At 9am I went down to check in at the nurse station on the 3rd floor. They are supposedly monitoring me after my fall for 72 hours. While I was there I noticed that from that lower floor, the Hoover Tower was framed by autumn foliage. I went back up and got the Nikon and the 500mm lens. The best composition was actually from the 4th floor. I had to shoot through a dual-pane window, though. Anyway,

By evening I was walking pretty normally, and I hope/expect to be fully normal by Saturday when I have a docent round.

Futzed around with a couple of projects. Then when it was time for Wanda to clean, I drove down to FOPAL, and was glad I did as there were 5 boxes of books to process. There would have been a huge pile by Monday.

On return, I picked up the large package of the painting I bought in Eureka. (Day 3.293) It was wrapped in four layers of bubble wrap alternating with cardboard. When I got it out, the question was, would I still like it? I do still like it! It will look very nice on my outside wall. I need to book facilities to put up a hook for me.

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