3.342 docent, tech

Saturday 11/19/2022

Only scheduled thing today was to lead a docent tour at noon. I actually spent an hour working on the novel, mostly making notes on different characters’ motives.

At 11am I slammed an ibuprofen and a tylenol, and by noon I was able to walk pretty freely, as long as I went slow and took shorter steps than usual. If I walked with my normal stride it hurt, although not as much as yesterday. I figure to be back to normal sometime next week.

The tour went ok, about 20 people.

Back at CH I got a tech squad dispatch for a person with Apple Mail problems. I don’t like Apple Mail. Turned out to be a tricky thing. She had bought a new iPhone with the latest iOS 16. iOS 16 is a major update that changed a lot of things. It seems that it added a new Privacy feature to the Mail app on the phone. If that is turned on, which it was on the new phone, Mail on the phone will not download any linked content in an email, such as images.

Somehow Mail on the phone magically transferred that rule to the Mail app on her MacBook. It stopped downloading linked images too, but instead of explaining why, it would just put up an obscure message about “some content could not be downloaded privately.” Which was the main issue the person had. Turning this off on the phone magically cured the MacBook also. It’s all juju, really.

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