1.164 Thursday washday

Thursday 5/14/2020

Half-way through Veronica’s 7:15 cardio class, her video froze. OK, only half a cardio. No matter, I’ll get my exercise cleaning house. Yes, by 9 my bag of fresh linen was outside the door, and I launched into the apartment-cleaning routine. All the wood surfaces, dust with nice lemony Pledge. Carefully moving my little birds and other keepsakes aside, not flinging them to oblivion with the dusting rag. Then start on the hard surfaces with spray cleaner: kitchenette counter and sink and microwave. Then the bathroom. All around the bathroom, the mirrors, inside and outside of the shower. Then make up the bed with the new sheets.

In the living room where there is a hard floor and area rugs, move all furniture onto the rugs. Sweep. Then “swiff” with the wet mop thingy. (Last week I forgot to sweep and the swiffer pad clogged up too fast.) Move all the furniture off the carpets onto the hard flor. Get out the vacuum and vacuum two area rugs and the bedroom carpet. And done! 90 minutes, about. Who needs cardio class?

In the afternoon we will have a floor meeting via Zoom. I told our floor leader, Jerry, I want to talk about hanging my two oil paintings near the lounge. His wife Betty expanded that topic to the general question of what to hang in the lounge, but to decide that we need to decide how to decorate the lounge. We have a $20K budget for redecorating the lounge, as part of the renovation project, but The Covid got in the way. We can’t redecorate because the in-house facilities guys are all busy and outside contractors are not allowed in the building. So likely nothing will be decided.

…and I was right, nothing was decided. Nobody wants to hang any paintings until they decide on a color scheme for the lounge, which can’t happen until the quarantine is over, so — a year from now? I pointed out that it is easy to move paintings around; if they decide to go with yellow, for instance, they can then go around and grab any piece that fits with yellow and move it. But no. And one person thought my painting “Leap #2” looks “kinda weird”. Just for reference,


I thought it would be a wonderful thing to have hanging opposite the elevators so anybody entering the floor would see it and be cheered up. But I also said (to myself) that if there was one veto, I wouldn’t push it. And there was. So pretty soon I will have it hung in the hall outside my unit. I “own” that wall. Downside, almost nobody comes down here but me. And one other neighbor. Not the one who didn’t like it.

In the daily COVID-19 status email, CEO Rhonda clarified some of our rather touch restrictions.

A gathering is defined as a meeting of people that do not live in the same household. Gatherings are strictly prohibited, especially for people who live in Retirement Communities. Santa Clara County Public Health issued a memo specific to this in April. This directive gives the Retirement Community the authority to prohibit the resident from entering the building upon his/her return from a Gathering. Or, to require a 14-day isolation.

Channing House has strictly followed the directives from the County for Gatherings. If you have a meeting of people that does not fall under one of the exceptions for a Gathering, you will be required to isolate for 14-days.

I know that the Hartzells, a couple I’ve talked to several times, came back from a family birthday party, and are now in 14-day confinement. Rhonda goes on:

You are no doubt seeing the lifting of restrictions occurring around us as retail stores are opened in limited fashion. But, congregate living will continue to follow a different set of rules because the risks are much greater if any one of us were to be exposed to COVID-19 and bring it into the building.

As a reminder, the lifting of restrictions will not mean that there is a lower risk of contracting COVID-19. The lifting of the restrictions means that the healthcare system is better prepared for an influx of positive cases.

My emphasis. I haven’t seen this spelled out elsewhere.

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