3.335 birthday, play

Saturday 11/12/2022

Off early to Mountain View. Met with Jean, Darlene and Jessea for breakfast. Jean very pleased at the attention. Nice conversation for an hour. Jessea called Michelle Gassie (father of Pauline, see day 3.277 for a picture of Pauline) at his home in France and we all face-timed with him. Quite the little tech miracle when you think about it. Just casually pull out your phone and dial somebody 7500 miles away to say “Hi” and see them live.

Got the car washed and gassed, and also inflated the tires. I had a low-pressure icon showing up. Yup, all tires were down around 25psi. Pumped up to 35 again. Do that every 3 years whether it needs it or not…

At supper time, Sandy emailed to say she had something and might not be able to go to the concert tomorrow. I may have to spend the morning finding somebody to use the 4th ticket.

Walked to Lucy Stern center to see Palo Alto Players production of Disney’s Beauty and the Beast. Left at intermission. Not because it was bad; on the contrary most of the cast was excellent and the dance numbers were really well done, the big “Be Our Guest” ballet was top-notch. But the Beast was played by a stand-in who lacked gravitas and vocal depth, and anyway the story is so hackneyed. I just couldn’t muster a care about it.

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