3.277 filoli

Thursday 09/15/2022

Went down to the gym at 7:10, and found Susan and Harry using the green machines. As I feared the one machine with 5 exercises is a bottleneck. I spent 15 minutes on the cyber cycle waiting for them to clear out. Anyway, sigh.

The main activity today was to pick up sister in law Jean and go to Filoli to meet with her cousin Darlene, partner Jessea, and the guest of honor, distant relative Pauline. Pauline’s parents Michelle and Sophie are like 4th cousins of Marian. They and their kids Pauline and Aurellien visited en famille back in what, 2016? Marian and I and Darlene had a big family picnic with them at Palo Alto’s Foothills park. For this summer, Pauline has been doing an internship at Cal and living with Darlene and Jessea. She’s getting ready to go home and this was an occasion for (mainly) Jean to see her before she left. So we walked around the Filoli gardens and had lunch in their cafe, and it was very nice. Of course we took pictures.

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