I’m giving a pitch for members of the AV team at the RA meeting Monday. Yesterday I prepared a 3-slide presentation and sent it as a PDF to David G for incorporation into the agenda file. At supper yesterday he asked for it as Powerpoint instead. So this morning before the newspaper arrived I figured out how to get those three pages of text out of a Pages document and into a Keynote document, so I could export them as a .ppt file.

After reading the paper, I watered the plants. Headed out to FOPAL where I found my shelves had seen a lot of sales, also been messed about with a lot. What do buyers have against bookends? Anyway, tidied that up. Then drove to Safeway to buy a couple of things. Practiced my pitch for the RA meeting tomorrow.

I noticed a strange pair of sunglasses in the front seat of the car. I stopped by the car-wash place and gave them to one of the workers, saying I assumed they’d been dropped by one of their guys yesterday.

Did the puzzle. Put the air-plant to soak. Checked the email several times to see if Sandy had decided to go to the concert or not — no reply yet. Called Florrie re her tech squad request – no answer. Called Sandy – no answer. Hmph, if she’s gone to church (?) she can probably go to the concert. Later, she emailed she was “go”.

At 10 Florrie called. Her tech problem was supposed to be not able to Zoom. I’m going to quote here what I wrote on the tech squad email reply.

This was a tough one. Florrie couldn’t use Zoom because Zoom insisted on being upgraded first. To install the new Zoom (or anything else), MacOS requires an admin (machine login) password. Florrie had a couple of passwords on scraps of paper but none of them worked as admin passwords.

So now we have to reset the iMac login password. That’s doable but it requires using your Apple (iCloud) id and password. We tried logging in to icloud.apple.com and … of course her passwords didn’t work. So we had to go through the APPLE password reset process, which fortunately is not too bad if you have a working computer and a phone for the TFA text messages.

Then it required her to answer security questions and fortunately she remembered the answer to one of them.

Then it made her set up new security questions, the answers to which we wrote down.

Now we could reboot the iMac in recovery mode, and use the password recovery assistant to reset the login password for the iMac, using her Apple ID and password for authentication.

After rebooting the iMac we could start Zoom and have it tell us we needed to upgrade, and now we could upgrade by entering the new admin password.

After which I started a Zoom meeting on my macbook and she was able to join it from the iMac.

90 minutes. (I wasted some time reading web pages, I could do it again in under an hour.)

She still has an open issue: she has an external USB hard drive which should be working as her backup drive. However on rebooting the iMac, there was a dialog “enter the password to unlock this drive” and I just canceled that. She is probably not getting any backups done. If somebody set that drive up with encryption and a password, it will have to be reformatted to be usable.

Anyway, off to the City for the boogie woogie festival.

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