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Friday 11/11/2022

Checking email first thing there was a note from Cousin Darlene, pointing out that Jean’s 95th birthday is tomorrow. I am so grateful that she told me. Her plan is to drop in on Jean at 8am mass, knowing that Jean goes to daily mass, and to share breakfast after. I will go down and join them for breakfast at least.

Went for a walk. On return, I called the Urology department and, pleasant surprise, was able to get an appointment for Monday. Then called Darlene and went over plans for tomorrow.

Checked in with Dr. Margaret who had some tech issues, which were easily resolved. I told her about the ultrasound tech looking at me and saying she could see the renal cyst and she, as a real doctor, said “good for her,” and assured me that it was possible.

Lunch was a date with next-door neighbor Caroline, cross-hall neighbor Linda, and a guy named David Ross, who had been Caroline’s neighbor for many years in Palo Alto. He lost his wife recently after some years of illness. He is thinking about moving to Channing House. They were going to show him around, including their apartments, and mine too, except that I had a date in the auditorium at 1, but told them my door was unlocked, go right in.

Met with Bert and John and Dr. Margaret to practice for her presentation which is next Wednesday. Got most of the kinks worked out of the zoom room equipment I think.

Then drove down to Mountain View to scope out the eateries near Jean’s church. There is a Le Boulanger just half a block away that will do fine. You might say, why didn’t you just use Google Maps. Well, I did, and it didn’t show the Le Boul. at all. Shoes on the ground wins.

Listened to the Friday night online jazz concert from SFJazz.

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