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Tuesday 02/15/2022

For some days the sink in my bathroom has drained slow. Not the shower or toilet, just the basin. This morning I called it in to Facilities before heading out for my walk. The guy came a little after 10, as requested. He pulled the P-trap and ran the line with a snake. He was done just as the writers group was convening.

This time our leader, Connie, wanted a discussion about the way the group was run. Having to run it weekly was taking too much of her limited time. She’s trying to assemble and complete a collection of her own poetry and feels her age. We batted it around a bit and the consensus seemed to be, the group was valuable to everyone and should continue weekly, but (somehow, unclear) we could share the leader role.

I had written something this time. The cue was “your relation to numbers” and I wrote about Sudoku puzzles.

I got a call from Gloria; she wants to repeat her talk on Chinese New Year (see day 3.066) for the Palo Alto Women’s Club (an old and prestigious group who own a classic building a few blocks away). They want her to bring her own HDMI cable. She wants to show her powerpoint from her iPad mini. That means, a Lightning-to-HDMI adapter, the one kind of HDMI adapter I don’t have. No time to order one, her talk is tomorrow at noon. After discussion I sent her off to the Apple store to buy one.

After supper I took her my 12-foot HDMI cable and we tried the setup with her TV and it worked like a charm. I was relieved. It’s really incredible that you can just hook an old iPad mini to a TV and boom, there is its screen on the TV. And when you start a Powerpoint slide show and it automatically takes over the whole screen… so many layers of tech by so many different designers and it all just works.

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