3.074 booking, meeting, model, emails

Monday 02/14/2022

I didn’t go for a walk because the residents association meeting was at 9am. Instead I made up my mind I would attend the Spokane NCAA regional, to which Stanford will surely go, likely as the #1 seed. That’s March 25 and 27. I was pleased to find that Alaska now has a nonstop SFO-GEG (Spokane’s airport code). The 3 or 4 previous times I’ve gone there we always had to change planes either at SeaTac or at Portland. Anyway, I took a deep breath and booked an actual flight. I also decided that I would not attend the Final IV in Minneapolis. It’s likely but by no means certain that Stanford will be in that, and if they weren’t, it would be a dreary trip. Drearier because it’s the weekend after the Regional, so either you fly home and turn around two days later and fly out; or you don’t go home between but spend 2-3 days sitting around in a hotel not able to go out because of snow and temperatures of 8-10ºF. I’ll just sit home and watch the TV.

When I went to booking.com to get a hotel I found most Spokane hotels are full for that weekend (well, duh) but got a reasonable stay at a La Quinta.

This was all so fascinating I almost forgot the RA meeting but got signed into that only about 4 minutes late. No real news here, other than the announcement of the candidates for offices for next year. Next month they will be voted in. Nominally anybody can put themselves up for an office but there’s no competition. Instead a nominating committee goes out and solicits people to serve. So the slate the nominating committee puts up, is always the ones elected.

There’s a 2-year term limit so I am termed out as Treasurer. In March I will have to train my successor.

I did an hour work on the VW model. I took some pictures so I could brag on the fine detail. First I assembled the tail lights. Two tiny clear lenses, which I had to paint the insides of in two different colors, red and amber, and then glue onto two tiny chrome bezels.

Taillight bezel with lens. Stuck on a glob of tack for easy handling.
Taillights, installed. Not too happy about that black piping.

There is an error in the model itself. They give us some nice license plate decals, but the license plate holder on the front bumper is sized for European plates and the decal doesn’t fit.

Probably I am going to cut that plate off, make up a new one from some scrap plastic and glue it on. Or possibly trim the ends of that one and add a 2-millimeter strip on the bottom. This is why these models take so much time, if you try to do them right.

Anyway, I also started an email conversation trying to schedule a time for me Jerry and Ian to go into the auditorium and once for all make the camera and audio work with zoom. Also with Joanne asking her to shift her Tuesday tray distribution from 5pm to 6pm. Also with Karen who wants help showing a movie on Saturday. So I feel like it was a busy day.

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