3.066 sunday at home

Sunday 02/06/2022

Today for the first time in… maybe forever? I didn’t leave the building all day, on foot or by car. In fact, I only left my apartment twice, to pick up meal trays.

I did some paperwork, doing the January entry for the Nest Egg spreadsheet (down 3% from the prior month, thank you stock market). Did quite a bit of work on the VW model; only a couple more hours of work to finish that.

At 3pm it was SWBB at USC. I was able to watch only the first quarter when it was time to switch over to Sunday @ Home, an occasional series where a selected resident lectures on their specialty. This time it was Gloria Hom, giving the details on Chinese New Year. This was the talk I had helped her prep for a couple of days ago. She managed her slides with only minor problems.

Then back to the basketball. Stanford led by 20 at the half and ended up winning by 30. Back home now for a makeup game with OSU next Wednesday.

I had to work the 6-7 shift on tray distribution because only one person had signed up. Then back to my room to eat and watch some Olympics.

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