3.076 haircut, banks

Went for a shorter walk in order to be back in time for my haircut appointment in the again-reopened beauty salon.

After lunch I went for another walk to take care of a couple of errands related to the RA treasury.

Two years ago next month, I and the outgoing Treasurer, Martha Claypool, walked to Wells Fargo and did the paperwork to change the RA account over from her signature authority to mine. Wells Fargo did manage that, although they somehow combined it with my personal account, that is, in order to see the balance or other data about the “Channing House Resident Association” business account, I have to log in to Wells Fargo using my personal user id and password.

(As an aside, I don’t even want a WF account, but years back we acquired a Visa card through Alaska Airlines so as to get extra miles, and it is operated by WF, why I have an id and password–I don’t have any money or other business with the bank. Nevertheless, that’s the id and password that I use to see the RA account.)

Despite the seeming overlap with my personal business, the bank sends monthly statements for the RA account (only) to my address, so that seemed alright.

One part of the RA account is a debit/ATM card used to make deposits. Recently Martha told me that WF had sent a new debit/ATM card. To her. At her address. With her name on it, just like the old one. Not my name, or my address, where they send the statements.

Discussing it with Martha and Lennie we thought it would be a swell idea to move the account somewhere more organized, like for instance SFCU (stanford federal credit union). Marian and I went to SFCU a decade or more ago, when the first of the big banking scandals hit WF.

So today I walked past WF and use the new ATM card to check the balance. That was one of 3 ways the new card could be “activated”. With that done, I continued about 3 blocks to SFCU where I talked to a nice young man about accounts. Unfortunately their business account requires a $2500 minimum balance. Well, we usually have that much, but sometimes might not. If the balance drops below that, “you might sometimes be charged a fee of $7.50.” It wasn’t clear what actions would incur fees. Anyway I took his info on what documents would be required to open such an account, and how the change-over from one signator (is that a word?) to another would be handled. I can’t act on it today; I would need to at least inform the rest of the executive committee. And since I will soon be the former Treasurer, I think I will wait and hand the whole problem to the new Treasurer.

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