2.348 cleanup, FOPAL, guests

Monday 11/22/2021

Did the walk. Then did a bit of tidying up of my balcony. When I bought the printer (which was day 0.328, just over 2 years ago) I had kept its big box. Well, it had five plastic bottles of ink and I left them in the box. On the back corner of the balcony. Today I moved the bottles of ink indoors and set the box aside for trashing.

(Two years along and the original ink supply is still above 50%. I had originally intended to print a fair number of photos on 8×10 and 11×17 paper, and have a rotating gallery on my outside wall, but never got around to it.)

Also back there: the air-brush spray booth I lavished quite a few hours on last year. This is the booth that I discovered, some weeks back, had been damaged. At some point it had fallen off the chair it was on, and then been replaced on the chair, so I only noticed the damage some time after it occurred. At that point I used some duct tape to patch it up; but since then the duct tape had dried out and peeled off (duct tape is shit and nobody should use it for anything), and again the box was falling apart.

Today I examined it carefully. Unfortunately the broken parts were not really repairable. It held together with hinges that turned on metal pins, and two of these hinges had broken in multiple pieces. (See the picture from day 2.124, the gray piece that makes up the floor had broken, along with the edge of the box it mates with.)

At first I thought of buying another $100 spray booth and using the good parts of that, along with the panels I had modified with extra plastic and velcro. But there there was no way of replacing just the broken parts, it would have to be a complete rebuild. It hadn’t been that much of a success when it was whole, so to hell with it. I added the broken machine to the pile, and put in a facilities call to have all this bulky crap sent to the landfill.

I can still spray but I will do it in the open air, not indoors in my little box. I can see how to do that. And for now, my balcony looks much better.

Anyway, off to FOPAL to process 6 boxes of computer books. Here I scored a coup: one of the donated books turned out to be the most valuable high-value book I’ve ever found. It is selling, used, on Amazon at $880.

I have now asked at various times, Carolyn, Eva, Joan, Pru, Mary Ann, Michele and Edy to join my table for Thanksgiving lunch, and all of them have plans to go to relatives. Makes me wonder who will be left to eat in the dining room here? Other than me, Paul, and Jean. Oh, ok, Elizabeth said that since she is only going to her daughter’s after 4pm, she’d be happy to sit and have some tea with us. So that’s four. I wonder what John and Francis are doing, I don’t think they have kids.

One thought on “2.348 cleanup, FOPAL, guests

  1. Happy thanksgiving!! I love your blogs- since life has slowed to a very slow crawl for me- I enjoy my 15 minutes at 3 am- while I get my eyes opened and prepare to start the day- I make bill’s breakfast znd pack his lunch box and send him out the door at 5am to his job in Seattle-is when I read your blog-

    I know the frustration of Holiday meals- traditionally I have been the home to host all the Holiday feeds-
    I have fed over20- and lately just a few- last year I cancelled everything- and hated it!

    After much fussing-i decided to open my home up to the kids again- the only ones vaccinated are bill and I and son Gary and his wife- all the stupid grandkids are not-( their rights…the conspiracies-). So I’m serving a short list- and setting up a buffet table and I spread the furniture out 5-6 feet apart- and have TV trays-

    No gathering in kitchen around one table and playing the traditional holiday games –
    It’s lovely you tried to fill a holiday table- if I were there I’d be there!!!

    Just think-you don’t have to cook….or cleanup- OR dishes!
    Much love- laurel


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