2.124 eye, spray booth, burger

Saturday 04/10/2021

For breakfast I took a medium walk ending at the farmers market for my favorite pastry.

The walk was routed along the creek because I needed to locate a thing. Some time ago I took this picture, and a couple days ago I posted it on the in-house BB. Several people asked where it was, and I wasn’t sure so I walked past and noted the location. (400 block of Palo Alto Avenue if you must know).

Later in the morning I resumed work on the spray booth. Two changes: I now have a new spray booth which has built in LED lighting from the vendor, and I have an excellent glue.

That stuff’s the goods. It’s a cyano-acrylate, somewhat thick (like cream) with a nice dispenser snout, gets firm in 30 seconds under pressure, dries clear as glass. Using it I put together the clear plastic pieces, one I had bought at Tap, two I cut myself in our hobby shop. So here is the booth now.

The clear plastic side extensions and front lid are what I added. The paper is the general shape I want to make in cloth, with a couple of elasticized slits to put my hands through. I have to find somebody with a sewing machine to make that for me. I picture it attaching with velcro all around its 4 sides. I also have to work out how to seal along the sides of the lid. Probably just more strips of fabric held on with velcro.

The point being, I can open the lid, swab out the interior, close it up and run the fan for five minutes, and then I can put my hands through the slits, one hand holding a model car part, the other holding the airbrush, and I can spray and there won’t be any dust or hairs to get into the wet paint. Leave wet parts in the box until they can be handled, then open the lid and take them out.

So I only yesterday noticed that when filling out my menu for the week, I had canceled Saturday supper because I didn’t like the choices. OK so what to eat? I decided to go out for a burger, preferably at Gott’s Roadside in the Town & Country center. So I got there, they had a nice outdoor area with tables and a few people eating, but the only service point was a card table with a sign, “Doordash pickup and takeout”. There was a woman standing there directing traffic who apparently had was a mute, or had very limited English. I said I’d like to eat here; she just waved at the card table. I looked again, nope, still the same sign. I said, “Where’s the menu?” She just waved at the card table. I looked again for more signs. Nope. Apparently you couldn’t order there?

I turned around and walked 100 feet to Kirk’s Steakburgers. There I could order to eat there, but I decided to take a burger and fries to go, and did, and came home to have that with a beer.

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