2.347 mostly SWBB

Sunday 11/21/2021

Sunday morning. At 1pm, SWBB would play at Gonzaga, and the only video would be a stream from a Spokane TV station. I intended to do something clever with Chromecast to show that on the 11th floor TV, but I was quite unsure about the details so I wanted to get a start at it.

I buzzed through Sunday morning, and ran into a hitch when the big NYT crossword took more than the usual amount of time. I took a short walk, and then I was up there playing around about 11am. Jerry came along and we both tried to get to the TV, me from the Macbook and he from an Android pad. The original Chromecast proved very flaky and unreliable. He said he’d heard that later ones were better, but we don’t have a later one. So I did the reliable thing, attached my Macbook by an HDMI cable.

But at 1pm that Spokane station didn’t go live with the game after all. I’m told they finally did, an hour later, show the second half of the game. But by then I had found that the Stanford radio broadcast, plus the live stats page, gave quite an adequate account of the game. KHQ Spokane can go stuff itself.

Stanford trailed by a bunch in the first half, caught up, and just squeaked out a win at the end. One of their best players was “unavailable” for unstated reasons. Now they are off to the Bahamas for a three-day Thanksgiving tournament. Jerry has paid for a subscription and will broadcast those games as Zoom meetings.

I took another walk before supper. I’ve been turned down by more people for my Thanksgiving lunch table; everyone it seems is going to their relatives. Well, Mary Ann says her kids are unsure of their plans and she’ll let me know tomorrow. Elizabeth isn’t going to her daughter’s until late, and says she’ll stop by and drink some tea but doesn’t want to eat.

See, this is why I don’t like to attempt hospitality. Too much stress.

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