2.349 more tidy, meeting

Tuesday 11/23/2021

I did my resistance exercises at 7:30. I really like getting that out of the way before 8:15. It went well. Sometimes I have to just pause for a few seconds. I can’t say exactly why; just that my body issues a “hold up a sec” signal that is quite emphatic. Speculating, because of the beta-blockers, my heart really can’t speed up very much, so maybe I am sensing high CO2, where normally it would be taken care of by a speedup in heart rate. Oh well.

Knowing I will be showing the apartment to Jean for the first time ever on Thursday motivates me to keep tidying. I moved a large box of face masks, which I have been storing for the resident association, to the outside balcony. And applied oil to the coffee table which was looking quite dry.

The writers meeting was at 11. The cue or topic hint this time was “clan” and several people took that as meaning, describe your family thanksgivings. I had not written anything but afterward I sent the following picture to the writers group mailing list.

For those who don’t know, left to right, my mother Cecil, my niece Laurel, my nephew Dennis, me (age 18, high school senior), a child we will come back to, my father Emil, my sister Joyce (Dennis’s mother), sister Eleanor (Laurel’s mother). Also, Jesus. I don’t know who got up from the empty chair to take the picture; probably Eleanor’s husband (?Roger?).

I believe the smiling child was named Chris, and was being fostered by Eleanor. But I’m not really sure. Anyone? If it is he, do we know what became of him later?

Also, why was Joyce trying to look like Vampira Mistress of the Night? Put the knife down, sister.

Anyway several of the writers replied that it looked wonderful, nice traditional thanksgiving. Which made me snicker knowingly.

Anyway I got bored in the afternoon and went for a bit of a drive up into the hills. Came back down to University Ave. and had supper in the Curry Pizza place. Chicken Marsala pizza and a beer. Burp.

One thought on “2.349 more tidy, meeting

  1. Happy thanksgiving!~ yes that boy was Chris- he was mother’s husband (I don’t believe they were really married)
    Rusty- Rusty was taking the picture
    Chris was in and out if boy’s reform homes- and I last read he died young in an Oregon prison-
    Love that photo!


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