2.206 more doctor, shustek

Thursday 07/01/2021

First thing was to walk up to PAMF for the CT scan. I was scheduled for 8:30; I got there at 8:15 and was done and out by 8:35. Two hours before my next appointment. I had coffee at Peet’s and then walked home, thinking about what to do next. I had just time to get in the car, drive to Safeway and buy a couple of things I want, and make my 10:30.

Which I did. Dr. Dibiase upped the quantity of metoprolol to see if I can lower the BP some. As to the anti-clot Plavix, which annoys me by making any wound or shaving nick bleed, and make bruises come up on my arms from a hard look, she said very sincerely, “You have a lot of hardware in your system. So I’d say please, keep it up for at least a full year.” That would be this fall, November-ish.

By this time the analysis of my CT was online and we had a look. It appears the problem is the kidney cysts that were noted on the prior CT, back in February (Day 2.079). At that time they were dismissed as not a problem. However I notice that at that time, the urologist Dr. Chung, had specifically asked if I had “unusual feelings of fullness”.

On the report for today’s CT, it was noted that the kidney cyst is pushing things forward, which is what Dr. Marx presumably felt. I haven’t heard from her about this. When I do I will ask if, possibly, the kidney is compressing my stomach, leading to a reduction in appetite, leading to my recent loss of weight.

The question is, what can be done about the cyst(s)? I will investigate further.

From there I drove to Shustek. I was too late to meet with the gang at lunch, so I just waited until they came back to work about 12:30. Dave Bennet and Steve Madsen were already working on cataloging, so working alone, I cataloged a BRAINIAC, a simple digital-logic kit that was sold in the late 1950s to the mid 1960s. It had many parts packed in paper envelopes which were degrading and brittle. So I repacked everything in archival plastic bags. It took 2 hours in all.

At supper time I went down and bumped into Marcia and Kent and Martha and oh darn forgot her name, who invited me to join them. Pleasant conversation for an hour.

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