2.079 doctors, laundry, model

Wednesday 02/24/2021

Took the usual walk first thing. Got back in good time for the first scheduled event, a video meeting with a urologist. The CT scan of last week had shown large cysts (fluid-filled hollows) in both kidneys, the left one quite large at 15cm, so, grapefruit size I guess. The surgeon said it probably was not a problem, but she referred me to Dr. Chung to make sure. He quizzed me about any possible discomfort I might feel from it. What kind of discomfort? Well, unusual feelings of fullnes? GI issues? No and no. So, same advice as the last time anybody talked about this, years and years ago, leave it alone. Not a problem.

Before and after lunch I ran the laundry, and worked on polishing the parts of the MG. I have a kit of model polishing stuff, several grades of very fine abrasive (6000 grit to 12000), rubbing compound, wax. Brought up a nice shine on some parts. I did a dry fit of the chassis, floor pan, and body tub onto the fenders. The thing is going to look really good, eventually.

Second doctor appointment was with cardiologist Dibiase at 3pm. My morning BP is ok, but she wants my evening BP, which averages around 130, to come down. She considered a long time, saying “I don’t want to add a third med,” a sentiment in which I heartily concur. Finally she instructed me to take my evening pills before I eat supper instead of after. We’ll confer again in May.

Can’t believe tomorrow is Thursday already. Weeks are spinning around fast.

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