2.207 whoo, busy day

Friday 07/02/2021

I took a walk this morning, but before I did I wrote a to-do list to get everything I needed to do down on paper, and there was a lot of it. Just all sorts of responsibilities swirled up on me yesterday.

For the CH Treasury, I needed to print an invoice documenting the case of masks I bought, and cut a check to myself, and record that in the journal. I did those things right after the walk.

I needed to contact Mary who is running the 4th of July event and set a time to practice putting her powerpoint slides on the big TV, and where she wants the lectern, etc. I sent an email to her before I left and she had replied by mid-morning and we settled on Saturday at 2.

I needed to communicate with the long-dormant A/V committee now that events are starting to happen, to see if they still want to be on the committee. Sent that email before the walk; got a few replies later.

I needed to follow up on the idea of selling old computer books from FOPAL, at the Vintage Computer Fest, which will be held at the Computer History Museum August 7-8. The organizer had not responded to my inquiry. So I re-sent it this morning, and he did respond later in the day. He offered to let FOPAL be a vendor, for free. So then I had to write several FOPAL people to find out if we should go ahead. I’m not sure if that is going to work out. One issue is, who is going to organize the crew of 4 or 5 people we will need to cover all of two long days. Another is, will we actually sell any books? We’ve never done this.

Mary Beth called about 12, asking if our Slottr membership still worked, because she would like to do a sign-up sheet for the Food & Dining Services committee. So we met in the lobby at 2pm and I showed her how that worked and we built her little sheet. As the manager of the gift shop she has a real budget (the gift shop generates the only real income the resident association has) and will probably get her own slottr account.

In the midst of all this, I was trading messages via Sutter Health with Dr. Marx. She has referred me to a urologist to talk about the kidney cysts (I want to know if they could be contributing to loss of appetite or too higher blood pressure). And also, the full report on the CT scan reports a node on an adrenal gland, “probably adrenoma”. Anything ends in -oma is a concern, although Dr. Marx says these particular findings very rarely mean anything. However it would be up to an endocrinologist to decide, so she referred me to one of those.

So I made the phone calls to set those two appointments.

Then I put in an hour editing Pelajis. Having in mind that pretty shortly I am going to put it up on the new Kindle Vella service, and I need to get that done.

Retirement. It’s a thing, I hear.

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