2.205 doctor, laundry, event

Wednesday 06/30/2021

First up was to drive to Los Altos to see Dr. Marx for a checkup. I was a little disappointed because since I had seen her last November, she couldn’t do a “medicare wellness exam” but rather did an abbreviated checkup. However, when palpating my abdomen she noticed something she didn’t like but couldn’t identify.

Well, I am scheduled for a CT for a surgery follow-up on the 1st of August. No, she said, combining that you are still a little bit anemic (although in normal range) and you passed a fecal blood test earlier this year; and given you have lost a couple more pounds of weight (164 down to 161); I am inclined to be a bit more aggressive about this. I’m ordering a CT scan of you for sooner, if you don’t mind the extra radiation.

I called to make that appointment right after, and got a slot for tomorrow morning, 2 hours before my scheduled meet with Dibiase.

On the way home I stopped at a CVS to get an eyeglass repair kit, and when I got in, I replaced the missing screw from my frame. And did my laundry.

A few weeks ago I accepted Ian’s request that I take over the chair of the A/V committee, which has been dormant for a year and a half and looked like going on being dormant for months, until we get the auditorium back. Wrong! Got a request from Mary who is on the Events committee and is planning a 4th of July party. Wants audio and a big screen to show a powerpoint, on the 11th floor for Sunday night.

Previously the A/V committee insisted on an ERF, Event Request Form, at least 30 days in advance. Anyway I spent the afternoon, with Bert’s help, making all the audio work on the 11th floor. There’s a portable podium with wireless mics, and it ties in to the speakers on the walls. Took a while to find all the things with dead batteries and verify everything works.

As to a big screen for a powerpoint? There’s a big TV, about 6 foot diagonal, but Mary wants something bigger. Sorry, there is no such thing. She’s thinking of the auditorium where we have a big projector on the ceiling and a 20-foot diagonal drop down movie screen. But nothing like that on 11.

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