1.276 meeting, spending

Wednesday 9/2/2020

I had ten hours in bed, mostly sleeping, and got up feeling normal. No run today, the AQI was “unhealthy” and a strong smell of smoke in my living room at dawn.

I didn’t mention that yesterday I went ahead and ordered an airbrush and assorted accoutrements. That was a bit spendy, several hundred more in support of being able to build car models. But if you look at the YT videos by car model builders, well, all the cool guys have airbrushes. I tried to get by cheap with the little one which was $70 worth of frustration.

Also this morning I ordered a joystick. Two ironies here. I bought a Logitech Extreme joystick back in ’17, used it extensively with various games. Then I let it go for cheap in the Tasso estate sale. Now I’d like one again, and they’re pretty much not to be had. Recently Microsoft released the new Flight Simulator for Windows and XBox, the immense success of which has caused a run on joysticks, it seems, and they are out of stock on Amazon, B&H, and so on. But I found one at a reasonable price on eBay.

Got an early email from Kim H.R. asking me and Marcia to a meeting. Turns out she wanted to get our opinions on a new staff program. A couple of weeks back, management paid to have Sodexo prepare stuffed 150 shopping bags of household goods to give to staff as thank-you’s. Since then, Rhonda encountered a local farmers’ cooperative that makes up boxes of seasonal produce, and they offered her a deal, $30/box off from $40, if she wanted multiple boxes. So they are thinking of giving 50 produce boxes to staff members, rotating through the staff. Kim wanted our opinion on whether residents would go for funding these.

My immediate thought was, why are you asking us, we just organize volunteers. The proper channel would the Residents’ Association, who actually have a budget, and a monthly meeting at which to propose this to everyone. Marcia, who is involved in, well, everything, had the immediate reaction that in just another month the RA would be starting the annual campaign for donations to the Appreciation Fund, the annual fund drive that compensates for our no-tipping policy. And any extraneous appeals for funds would conflict with that. They settled that the October house newsletter (Marcia is on that staff too) would do a story on the box giveaway to staff but leave the appeal for funds implicit.

She and I conferred about the Floor Rep meeting tomorrow. Which brought me to 10am, phew.

Spent some time on Scribophile, a site where writers critique each other’s work. I’m building up karma points there, so I can post my novel for critiquing. Maybe. I enjoy doing constructive comments on other people’s work, anyway.

Back on 1.220 I talked about the controversy over the T-Mobile antenna on our roof. On 1.248 I mentioned that Certain Residents had tried to interest KPIX 5 in the issue. Scott writes he saw a teaser on KPIX for the story, although he thought they mentioned “5G” which I believe our antenna is not. Anyway, set the DVR to record news on KPIX. Beyond that there’s a new sitcom to try, “transplant” and some other stuff.

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