1.277 KPIX, meeting, outing

Thursday 9/3/2020

Did Veronica’s aerobics first thing. The KPIX News at 11 was on the DVR, so I found the lengthy (5+ minute) story on the “controversy” over cell antennae, a 5G one across the street, and the 4G “macro” antenna on our roof. Actually I thought it was a pretty decent piece of journalism, for a local TV station. They had the controversy, which is largely manufactured by the middle-aged son of a couple of CH residents, over the effects — we really don’t know what they are but they could be dire, except we’ve no evidence, but we are worried — of electromagnetic radiation, but they did a pretty fair job of putting into context of both science and the legal situation.

I made a transcription of the piece and had almost finished it when my phone alarm went off. I had set it to 8:50 to remind me of the Floor Reps meeting I and Marcia are speaking to. If I hadn’t set an alarm, I’d probably have been late. I’m getting sneaky about guarding against my bad habits.

The meeting went off well. Marcia, mostly, presented the “what to do in an emergency” sheet. I wrote the original first draft of that, then Kim Kurtis massaged it in PowerPoint to make a colorful, two-sided thing that, probably, will eventually be reproduced and laminated and given to every resident. The point today was to encourage the floor reps (elected captains on each floor) to promote emergency procedure awareness when they hold floor meetings. It was well received and several people praised it afterward.

We are back to having rooms cleaned by Housekeeping, plus the housekeepers are back to their original assignments, so Wanda is back in place of Marta. I knew that Wanda was coming in at 2pm so after lunch I went and got the car, for the first time in a week? Two? I took it to a car wash. Then down to the Baylands for an hour walk looking at water birds and shit.

Returning to the car, I thought the tires looked a little soft, and why not, it has been half a year since it was serviced. So stopped at a station and yes, they were at 27psi or so.

That was the day, pretty much.

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