1.275 quiet day at last

Tuesday 9/1/2020

Did Veronica’s aerobics. Then faced a day with only one scheduled activity, the Writers’ Group at 11. I basically burned the time until then. I had no writing to contribute. Hey, I’ve been writing, just not for that. I wrote a lengthy & informative piece about Senate races yesterday which I posted to the in-house Opinion list. And have received several thank-yous for that.

In the afternoon I am feeling a bit “few”. Where did we pick that expression up? I think it was from Wes Shadduck, my late sister’s husband. “I just feel a bit few” was his version of “a little under the weather”. Bowels a bit uneasy, energy level low, no appetite. And now that I think of it, my temperature, when I reported it on the daily web form we have to fill out, was 98.5, about 0.7 higher than usual. If this keeps up I might have to report a “symptom” tomorrow. That will probably get me an instant visit from a nurse and 3 days isolation for observation. Hmmm.

Sat a while on the balcony and watched the hummingbirds swarming the feeders.

Oh, in the afternoon I went down my list of Senatorial campaigns and donated money to several, in amounts from $50 to $200. So that’s done.

Going to loll about watching TV for a bit and go to bed early.

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