1.248 meetings, news

Wednesday 8/5/2020

Went for a run in the morning; felt normal. I had two meetings scheduled for the afternoon. In the time before I painted the hood of the model. I did it manually, with my widest softest brush, and invented a new technique that I think will be useful in future, to get a smooth coat with a brush. Tomorrow I will apply gloss clear to the hood and then can set the body aside and work on the interior for a while.

The first meeting was the Residents’ Association executive committee. Rhonda attended, to bring us not-good news. Another staff member has tested positive. This person had been sheltering at home since 7/31 because of symptoms; however there were other staff members and some residents in close contact with them before. So another handful of staff are sent home to quarantine (and presumably 1 or more residents are in isolation).

There were already 20 staff in home quarantine. They will get their second tests tomorrow, and if they come back negative, those staff will be back on the job next week, but in the meantime, staff is short. As a result, some changes. One, all housekeeping that was DIY, is back to DIY. So tomorrow I get to clean my unit again. All interaction with staff is to be by phone or zoom unless absolutely necessary. Maintenance work orders are deferred unless critical.

Further news. I discussed the matter of the T-Mobile cell phone antenna on the roof on day 1.220. It’s back, but in a different form. Some people who feel strongly about it have contacted KPIX (CBS 5) and that station is planning a story on the antenna. Rhonda declined to be interviewed and gave them the official statement by our board, reporting the 3rd-party engineer’s report. KPIX may or may not go with the story.

From that meeting I and Marcia were scheduled to talk to Kim from HR (not Kim from Marketing) about resident volunteers. Last Friday, Rhonda asked for people to volunteer to be Resident Volunteer Coordinators. I hesitantly did so, as did Marcia. So this was a meeting to tell us what we could and should do to establish that brand-new role. Unfortunately due to the above-mentioned staff upset, Kim didn’t start the zoom meeting. She called us later, and said one of the first things they may use volunteers for is food delivery, wheeling the carts of trays from room to room to deliver meals. She suggested that we begin by actually doing that job. So at 7:20 tomorrow morning, I will get trained on delivering a cart load of food.

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