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Wednesday 6/24/2020

Went for a run, which felt fine. That was a bit of a relief, because yesterday, on my modest walk to the hardware store, one knee was being a little painful. Fortunately that has gone and all the joints were just dandy today.

While returning I noticed that a couple of restaurants off University have set up outdoor seating platforms in what were parking spaces. University is to be closed for most of its length starting Friday. At the end of the day I had an email from Patty suggesting she, I and Gwen — the three who, by eating pizza in the lobby, caused a new rule to be imposed — eat at one of the outdoor restaurants.

I replied, “just get Angela [our infection control boss] to say it isn’t a gathering, and I’m all over it.” She replied “People are doing a variety of things. I think it would require we think it safe.” I’m a bit surprised at this.

Look, they just set up a special area in our parking lot where a resident can meet with family members from outside. Max 3 family and nobody under 18; the family must have their temperatures taken and state they have no symptoms; everybody wears masks and sits well apart. That’s what Channing House thinks is a safe gathering. Compare that to three of us without masks (eating), sitting around a small table, within a few feet of other tables of a number of unmasked people, none of whom have had their temps taken. No way would Angela approve that. I kind of wonder what she meant by “doing a variety of things”, but I’m just not going to reply.

I completely omitted to note the passing of the longest day of the year on Sunday; tsk.

It being one of the days when I can get back in the garage, I took the car out for a brief spin. Previously that was only allowed on Wednesdays; now it’s MWF, but somehow Wednesday seems the right time. I brought the key back to the room rather than leaving it in the car.

The other car in my life, the model one, got some attention. The clear acrylic came in so I set up for painting. Sprayed the light color coat. Sprayed two coats of clear. I am not at all happy with the paint texture but I don’t know what to do different, and I don’t feel like fussing any longer. I used a toothpick to remove the rubbery “frisket” masking.

And then used the chrome pen to chrome plate the shiny bits.

The chrome pen works well. You can’t really see in that picture but I painted black blades on the windshield wipers. And I think the 6 volt battery came out well. The kit includes clear plastic windows but I am not sure I want to use them. I will try fitting them and see. Anyway, final assembly will happen Friday and Saturday I imagine.

One more agent replied with a rejection. That’s four who replied in less than a week, which is not the slow response I’d been led to expect.

OK, now to watch one of the movies I recorded off HBO, Shazam.

Update: in the regular daily COVID email, I learn that our one staff member who tested positive and was isolating at home, has had to go into the hospital, as have several of their family members. It’s a real disease, folks.

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