1.207 lazy Thursday

I gave up on Shazam! about half-way through. I don’t know if I would have walked out of it in a theater, but I would have thought about it. I could see it was going to turn into a special effects fest with the heartless (because his father didn’t understand him) bad guy wizard and the confused kid wizard hurling special effects balls at each other. I didn’t like either one of them. Hey, being misunderstood by your father doesn’t give you moral license to unleash demons on innocent people, or indeed on your father. And being an abandoned foster kid doesn’t give you license to walk out on your buddy. They were both shits and I didn’t care.

Thursday 6/25/2020

After Veronica’s aerobics, about 8:30 I headed out to walk to Midtown to meet Harriet for coffee. We chatted about SWBB and such, a nice change. Back home, I decided to do nothing until after lunch.

After lunch I cleaned the unit; it took about 90 minutes as usual. Good news: yesterday we had an email saying that CH Housekeeping will be reinstating room cleaning, not weekly as before, but bi-weekly, starting the first week of July.

From there I again consciously decided to do diddly-squat the rest of the day, just reading and watching the National Theater’s Midsummer Night’s Dream.

I’ve got several HBO movies in the queue now, but I think I’ll watch some of the regular stuff, like Naked & Afraid.

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