1.181 walk, model, gaming

Sunday 5/31/2020

Read the funnies, did the puzzle. Went for a walk before lunch, a bit less than 3 miles. I was curious to verify there really was a pedestrian bridge over 101 to IKEA and Target and Home Depot on the other side. Yes there is, pretty much a straight shot from here: Channing, Newell, there you are. Apple Maps doesn’t know about it, and Google Maps has it in the wrong place. No point in actually crossing 101, as I wouldn’t have gone into any of the stores over there anyway.

After lunch I spent a couple of hours working on the car model, very carefully beginning to paint parts of it. Another couple of hours, maybe more, and I’ll have the engine assembly complete. No rush. It’s very absorbing.

Last night I looked at a couple of more games from that large bundle of weeks back. One got a very cursory inspection: Prison Architect. Truth in advertising; it puts you in the situation of designing a prison. Your first task in the tutorial is to design a new execution wing. Right. Escape key, quit to desktop, byeeeee.

The other was Psychonauts. The Wikipedia article describes it well. This one might actually be fun. I spent only 20 minutes in the tutorial (mostly watching the lengthy intro scenes) and quickly ran into a dead end, but I think I’ll give it some more tries.

Oh, the pizza dinner I shared with Gwen and Patty in the lobby last night? We knew we were pushing the boundaries on social distancing, and we provoked a reaction. Today there was a new letter “clarifying” the rules on gatherings in the lobby. Notably, masks have to be on at all times. So, no food, as that requires removing one’s mask. OK, fair enough. If three people are talking, and one is an asymptomatic carrier, talking over a shared pizza is a great way to spread the virus. Where the same length of chat with masks on, wouldn’t be quite so effective. Yeah. Oh well.

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