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I was very disappointed by the HBO Perry Mason. First, Tatiana Maslany didn’t even appear in Episode 1, except in a photograph. Apparently she will be playing a charismatic evangelist, styled after Amy Semple McPherson, but that character wasn’t in this episode except by reference. That left the show itself. I had to admire the production values; they spared no expense in recreating 1929 L.A., but my gosh they went for “noir” style big-time. Perry Mason is a pathetic loser, broke, getting beaten up, estranged from his wife, always going for the sarcastic wisecrack even when it alienates people. Quite a bit of very explicit sex, which didn’t bother me; quite a bit of very raw, bloody violence, which did. I finally deleted the show ten minutes from the end. I’ve got several HBO movies queued up to record, but I will cancel the sub before the next billing period.

Tuesday 6/23/2020

Did Veronica’s cardio. Later on I realized that my little digital kitchen scale’s batteries were dead and I didn’t have any AAA size. So I ordered a pack of them from the hardware up the street, and walked up there for curbside pickup.

I spent an hour working over the plan for sign-ups for the next FOPAL sale. I’ve been tasked with making sign-ups via Slottr.com, work. I ended up writing a list of questions to the other volunteers I’m working with.

Finally spent a little time trying to come up to speed on Shortcuts, which is the scripting/automation app for iOS. I’ve had it in mind to automate a couple of things on the iPhone and this is how to do it.

In the evening, I watched Titan Games, recorded from yesterday. And, hello! One of the competitors was Mitch Harrison. Who? Well, Michelle Harrison was a very successful player for SWBB 2006-2010. A couple of years after graduation, Michelle married a woman and began the transition to Mitch. Marian kept tabs on Mitch as she did on all the alumnae, so I was aware of this.

So I’m listening to the bio of this handsome, very well-muscled guy with a goatee, and he’s saying “I played basketball at Stanford, we went to three final-fours…” and I’m thinking, Stanford Men’s Basketball has never been that successful, who is this? when he finishes saying “I played as Michelle,” and I realized: oh! That’s Mitch! The show did a nice little segment on his life, showing some SWBB clips, having him talk about being estranged from his “very conservative” family, etc.

Unfortunately, Mitch was put up against a guy who looked to outweigh him by 20 or more pounds and he just didn’t have the power to win, although he performed quite respectably.

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