1.171 walk, coffee, cleaning, more

Thursday 5/21/2020

Started the morning with Veronica’s aerobics class. Then a quick shower and out the door at 8:15 to walk to Midtown for coffee with Harriet. This is, if one wanted to be a troublemaker, a “gathering” in that I spent half an hour about 5 feet from a person not in my household. When I got back to CH, fortunately the person taking temperatures at the door did not ask me if I had attended any gatherings. It’s a gray area, all right?

Waiting outside my door was the Thursday plastic bag of fresh towels and sheets. So I got to work changing the bed and doing all the other cleaning. Finished, and feeling very well exercised, about 12:30. I mean, seriously: half an hour of step aerobics, followed by a 3.6 mile walk, followed by 90 minutes of wiping and vacuuming? Phone says 11,000 steps for the day, and well it might.

After lunch, I started, slowly and carefully, to work on the model car. I got to the point of completing the 6 pieces that comprise the engine (left and right halves of the block, left and right halves of the head, oil pan and valve cover).


This was a learning experience. The pieces are nicely detailed but they are not perfect. Nominally-flat surfaces tend to be a little bit bulgy, so two flat faces don’t quite mate. I made quite a bit of use of the sanding stick to make things flat and line up nicely. Not complaining, mind you!

I glued the halves of the block together, and the halves of the head, but stopped at that point, realizing that I would like to paint these pieces separately before assembling the engine complete. The oil pan should be gloss black but the block should be metallic dark gray (and I just noticed that little oil filter on the side, that should be orange!). Which made me realize that, oh crap, in all my buying of this and that, I didn’t buy any paints or brushes. What a doofus. So I spent a while on the ‘net buying a dozen bottles of Testor’s of various hues, as called for on the plan sheet. Such are delivery times these days that it will be over a week before they arrive. Which means, there won’t be much progress beyond this point.

Around 4pm, a cheerful guy from facilities showed up to hang my pictures. I’d put in the request for this last Friday, and heard nothing since, but here he was. So that got done.


Probably, next year, when the 6th floor gets its act together and redecorates the lounge, I expect at least the Yosemite painting will go to a more public location. But for now this is my private gallery, down here at the far end of the hall where nobody comes.

Notice that the Linsky landscape is hung on an ordinary hook, by the wire across the back of the frame. The Carol Aust one is not. Back in February I got a touch paranoid about how easy it would be for someone to grab a painting off the wall, take four steps through a door, and disappear down the freight elevator which opens to the street. Somehow that painting feels steal-able to me. The Linsky one, which is nominally about 3x its value, is more conventional and, frankly, a bit drab, in comparison.

So I went to the frame shop where I had an old print framed (Day 1.064) and asked about secure hangars, and they had some. That’s why that painting doesn’t lean, but lies flat to the wall. It took the facilities guy an extra 15 minutes to mount it, because the mounts need a drill, and screw anchors, instead of just nailing up a hook. But nobody is going to take it away casually.


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