1.064 frame, assessor, AV, floor meeting

Tuesday, 2/4/2020

Out the door at 9:30 for an appointment at a

frame shop.

Back story: In 1978, Marian and I were in an antique shop in London (probably) and liked a fine little pen and ink sketch of the construction of an early railroad, colored with watercolor. (I’m sure there’s a name for the technique of coloring an ink drawing.) I’ve always supposed it was contemporary with the subject, that is, a drawing from life of the construction of a railroad, circa about 1830. But I suppose it could have been done later, to illustrate the history of railroads. In any case, a fine little (10×15 inch) drawing. Framed in a simple wood frame. We bought it for about £10 (Marian recorded the price as $28 in the old home-inventory spreadsheet). Hung it in the bedroom and left it there. It’s one of several art works I brought along to Channing House.

After moving back into #621 last weekend, I brought out all these framed items and leaned them on a wall to start thinking about where to hang them. And turned the railroad drawing over to find its backing paper had been attached with something like masking tape, which had totally dried out, so the backing was almost loose.

Monday I consulted the oracle (Google Maps) for frame shops near me, selected one, and their website offered appointments. I took a 10am appointment for today. The chap at the frame shop was there on time. We agreed he would replace the backing and the matte (which was, he says, not acid-free), and it would be $98, call you in a couple days.

Next stop, the

Santa Clara County Assessor.

I explained the business with the reassessment yesterday. Today I took a nice folder of all possible relevant documents and went to 70 West Hedding street, the County Administrative Campus as it calls itself on its helpful orientation map. I have to say, this was about the most pleasant experience with a government agency I’ve ever had. At 11am there were only two people in line ahead of me. The receptionist was pleasant and knew exactly what I was talking about. He said, take this slip and sit in the waiting area just over there, someone will be out to see you in a minute.

And someone was, again a pleasant and helpful guy. He explained that they have to make sure that the benefit of Marian’s estate went entirely to me, not, for example, to children or charity. He took my old trust documents away and copied them, and was quickly back. Said they would be reviewed and I’d probably hear nothing more. Unless they decided to reassess, in which case, I’d get a bill, but that didn’t seem likely.

I was out of the building and back to my car with only 30 minutes off the parking meter. Not bad, Assessor Larry Stone. The DMV you certainly ain’t.

Back home I put all the documents away, had a bite, had a nap, did some writing on the novel. Then it was 2pm and time to meet with other

A/V committee

guys to learn something about the newly finished A/V system in the auditorium. This wasn’t the official training session, which will happen tomorrow with the consultant who designed the system, but an informal one with one of the installers, in preparation for the first performance under the new system, a concert of chamber music by the Music@Menlo chamber institute.

Back to my room for a bit, then down again to hear the start of the concert. It was ok and sounded fine, but I really am not much for chamber music. So I slipped out again and fiddled around on the internet until it was 5pm and time for the

Sixth floor meeting.

This was a significant one, first because it is the first since we have all returned to the renovated floor; and second, because it was the formal hand-off from Craig Allen to Jerry Anderson. Craig is retiring after a number of years as “floor rep,” an elected position, mainly responsible for attending a monthly meeting of all 9 floor reps, and for chairing a monthly floor get-together.

Discussion this time was mostly about remaining renovation items. The floor has a budget of $20,000 to spend on upgrading the common areas, the lounge and the dining room. We are all to take the time to visit the 8th to 10th floors and note what they did with their money. Next month we’ll discuss more. Also discussion of the art works. A facilities person will be assigned for a day sometime around the 17th (although the meeting seemed to feel that was too soon) to hang all the art work you want hung in the hallway and common areas.

I’m not sure I’ve mentioned here, that Channing House is somewhat unusual in encouraging people to hang whatever they like in the hallways. The hallway wall the length of your unit is yours to curate. (As I’m at the end of the hall, my wall doesn’t get much viewing, so it isn’t critical, although I intend to have a small rotating exhibit of photographs.)

When all the hall items were taken down in September prior to renovation, there were a number that couldn’t be associated with any present residents; probably hung by now-deceased ones. Those unclaimed orphans have all been given away now. But there are plenty left waiting to come out of storage. So there will be a day of hanging; start thinking about what you want to put out there and how arranged.

Previously I’d hung my Dean Linsky Yosemite oil opposite the lounge (with group approval). Now there’s a large wall-sconce in that space. The painting would fit to one side, but there really should be something of similar dimensions and tonality to balance it. This issue was left open as it was time to adjourn to supper.


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