1.170 car, tree, shopping, another car

Wednesday 5/20/2020

Car freedom day! Started with a run. Then after only a little time catching up with the internet (the various blogs and webcomics I follow in my RSS reader), I headed out in the car. My only destination was to visit the tree we planted for Marian last spring. It looks good!


The one beyond it, planted the same day… not so much. It’s just a stick.

Then I killed the 90 minutes until the garage opened at 11am just sitting in the car by the park, and driving slowly back up El Camino.

Back home I found an email asking me to do my first official act as Residents’ Association Treasurer. The steering committee has decided to put together a bonus for the staff. Tipping is banned, but there’s an annual Appreciation Fund drive every fall that nets a bonus for staff members. Given the extra stress they’ve been under, it was felt right to show a little financial appreciation sooner. So as I have physical possession of the R.A. checkbook, I got to write the check for that. Of course owing to the quarantine, I have not been able to go with the former treasurer to the bank to sign a signature card. So I made out the check, then left it in her mailbox for her to actually sign.

Yesterday I initiated an InstaCart order for groceries for me and 3 other 6th floor residents. It was supposed to be executed between 12 and 2pm but at 11:30 I opened the app and found that the shopper had just finished and was on her way. So I had the grocery bags upstairs, sorted out, and delivered by 12:30 just in time for my lunch tray to arrive.

In the evening a big box from Amazon Prime finally arrived with the foundation of a new hobby. Ever since I was tinkering with that metronome, I have been itching to make something. Making software is fun and all, but I really want to make something physical. So, obviously, a model car. Obviously? Not exactly. I last fiddled with model cars when I was 16 or so, because my best bud at the time was heavily into them, and I tried my hand at it. Anyway, why not? Should be good for some slow “quarantime”.

What car? Well, there are some gorgeous European models, 1/16 scale with hundreds of parts, but maybe I should aim a little lower. I looked around the ‘net for something that resonated, and, aha: a ’51 chevy, such as we had when I was 16-18. (I think it was because this kit was on the way, that I immediately thought to write about that car for the writers’ group this week.) I have some tools but decided I needed a better selection, so I ordered a Japanese model-maker’s kit, along with the car. And that package arrived tonight.


The tool kit is decent; well, the screwdrivers are junk but I have good ones. The white thing is actually a manicurist’s tool, a battery-powered thing with a selection of little abrasive heads for doing elegant nails. But it repurposes well for plastic model building. The kit itself looks great, highly detailed, many parts, opening hood, detailed motor, working suspension.


It’s a Bel Air coupe where ours was a Fleetline 4-door sedan, but that can’t be helped.

I ransacked the internet looking for a body color paint that would match my extremely clear memory of our family car’s color. I learned that GM called it Aspen Green.

Pasted Graphic 1

Pea Soup Puke more like it. Here’s a restoration that’s pretty close. However, that is a very difficult color to find either as model paint or anybody else’s spray paint. I ordered one can from Home Depot; it came yesterday but sprayed out too yellow. I have another spray color coming from Michael’s Crafts. No rush; it will be weeks before I get to the point of spraying the body panels.

One thought on “1.170 car, tree, shopping, another car

  1. Omg..this is too cool!! The green chevy- love it!! The “farm” car- you know dennis and I are loving the memories!!


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