1.172 model, code, tandoori

Friday 5/22/2020

Started as usual for MWF with a run. I’ve been quite consistent with the running MWFs for some time now. Yay me.

I spent a bit of time trimming and fitting a couple more engine parts.

But now I really have to stop until I get paints. I could continue snipping bits off the, what’s the word for the stick with parts hanging off it like little grapes? The thingummy, and sanding them and so on, but then I’d have to keep track of many little individual parts loose in the box. Much better to have them on the thingummy where they have identifying numbers. When I can cement the bits together to make a bigger bit, fine. But I can’t do that until I have painted them. Or at least, I think painting will be easier this way. For example, the few parts in the picture need at least four colors of paint. I’m sure it would be much harder to paint the exhaust manifold rust color after I cemented it to the block which needs to be dirty iron color.

So, back in the box and put it all aside for a week. But! Thanks to that project, I got an email from someone I knew in the 70s who has, it seems, been reading this blog! The need to comment on the car model motivated her to get in touch. Hi, Pat!

At 4pm it was time for Rhonda’s weekly phone conference. No real news; except there were some questions from people wanting things to relax, and quiet but firm pushback from Rhonda. “This is a medical emergency. My concern is, if we get an outbreak, what will people ask us? Why did you allow this, what were you thinkng?” So, no to riding in another resident’s car; and no to reopening the library, although several callers wanted it. Apparently lots of people still read physical books, and miss our house library.

Could we open it, I wondered. OK, one person at a time goes into the library, selects books (or DVDs), goes away. When the items are returned, they go in a closet for a week to let the hypothetical viruses die. But then they have to be re-shelved, which means, handled. OK the librarian wears a mask and vinyl gloves. But, what about that borrower? In going around the library, they were touching things and breathing on things. Scenario: somebody borrows a book on Monday, has symptoms Thursday, and their test comes back positive on Saturday. They can have left live virus in the library on Monday, which means that now, every library user from Monday to Saturday has to go into 14-day isolation, and be tested! And every person they had contact with in between! And every person they had contact with… Take the library out of the picture, and the contact chain is much shorter.

So Patty and Gwen and I did our marginally-legal thing we had done the prior week. This time we ordered from Darbar, an Indian restaurant. Pat called the order in; Gwen drove to get it. The restaurant was supposed to pack three different orders, but they actually wrapped the three portions of Naan in one foil packet. I carefully unrolled the foil and we could each take the top piece of naan without touching other pieces. Also they provided only two boxes of rice, so Gwen dished out of the larger box with her clean spoon, slid the box to Patty who served herself.

Anyway it was a nice change from house food. We had picked Friday because it was Mac&Cheese night on the weekly menu. Tandoori chicken, rice and naan beat that hollow. Now I have half a plastic container of chicken and sauce, and half a small box of rice. I guess that will be Sunday breakfast, maybe.

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