1.118 grocery goat

Sunday 3/29/2020

Quiet Sunday morning of course. Felt nostalgic for the various coffee shops. And restaurants. Two weeks into the real isolation, and already it feels like a long stretch. Or as I heard one podcaster say recently, “It’s been a month since Monday.”

Speaking of the virus: today the worldwide count topped 700K, double the number from last Monday, so a doubling time of 7 days. Next stop, 1.4M on Saturday 4/4.

At 10:30 I started on the task I’ve been, um, blessed with? To manage group grocery buys for our floor. I started by calling all the apartments on the floor and asking each if they were interested in ordering grocery items, and if so, what kind of thing?

Partly this was an exercise in lowering expectations. To the two people who said “Pizza!” I said, no, we aren’t doing hot food, but people are using Uber Eats and DoorDash. A couple of people mentioned things like hand cleaner etc. To them, the message was, Channing House is (supposedly!) organizing some kind of ordering system for OTC pills, sanitation stuff, etc., and please hold on for that.

But by the end I had 11 people who are interested in ordering sodas, fresh fruit, tea, and the like. I said “start making a list and I’ll check back, probably Tuesday”. Later I realized what would need is a form. Not a web form, and not email because at least a couple don’t reliably do email. I pictured a simple form, with space for the room#, a list of items, and columns for quantity and cost. Here is the latest version: 6th floor shopping order. I made a stab at this using TextEdit but that was useless. Switched to Pages and it went very easily and quickly.

What I figure to do is, print one copy. Write the order date on the top. Down to the lobby, use the CH copier to make 11 copies. Back to 6, slide one under each door. People fill it out and turn it in. Where? OK, I have a nice aluminum clipboard, I’ll put that in the lounge.

On the day I’ll amalgamate an order, putting it in on my credit card. When it arrives, break it down and sanitize the items in the floor dining room, and pile the ordered items on top of the forms. People come and (keeping distance!) pick up their pile. Leave a check (in an envelope, where it sits for 48 hours!) payable to me. I have a couple volunteers who’ll help with that process.

Well, that was fun. Evening, I found a new YT channel I want to follow. I watch more YT that real TV these days. Well… why not?


One thought on “1.118 grocery goat

  1. Following your blog- you get out more then we do- Bill is laid off- it’s our first time in lockdown…together….alone…in 32 years…….we trust we will survive…??!~ looks like we really in for many more weeks-sigh…..
    Trying to keep busy- but weather has been awful- rain-wind an hail-
    Chin up- keep writing… hug

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