1.117 Travel worries, happiness course

Saturday, 3/28/2020

Did a little desk work. Paid the Hyatt Card bill that includes $1200 for my ten nights in a London hotel. Which made me think how lucky it was I scheduled that trip for those days. Well, not luck; I scheduled it for a gap in the women’s basketball season, so I’d be back in good time for the post-season games. Hah. But if I’d put it even two weeks later, I might have been quarantined on return.

Also looked at, and then filed the Road Scholar info booklet for the trip to Switzerland that starts June 10th. I have paid for this in full. I deliberately paid for it in full so that, when it is canceled by Road Scholar, I will get the money back, either from them or from the insurance coverage. Half of the payment was covered by the $3000 credit I had from late re-booking of the Greek trip last fall. This is my sneaky plan to maybe get that back in cash.

Well, now I just wait for Road Scholar to admit the obvious — that Switzerland’s virus load is the same as everybody’s, and the peak of the curve won’t be seen by June (more likely, July IMO) — and cancel the trip. Or admit that there’s no non-essential international entry allowed into Switzerland. Whatever, I believe cancellation is inevitable. What will they do then?

Realistically, they are going to try to get their customers to accept rescheduling. I do not want to go to Switzerland in October, thanks. Maybe next year in May? That might be acceptable. Failing that, they’ll want us to accept a full credit, to be redeemed for some other trip at a later date. I’ll think about it. I can sympathize; if enough people insist on cash back for virus-canceled trips, Road Scholar could go bankrupt.

But now I’m also playing a game of chicken. I have not booked the air travel for the trip. I expect it to be canceled, why would I book a flight, and then have to cancel that, and have to recover from the airline? But if I put off booking the flight too long, its price goes up. So I figure I need to book a flight no later than 30 days before departure, which would be the 8th of May. Every day past that, my air fare goes up — air fare that I expect to have to try to recover after canceling. If Road Scholar still hasn’t canceled the trip by the first week of May, I am kind of compelled to book the flight. Well, that gives me all of April to not worry.

I played another hour of Dear Esther. It’s kind of a non-game, having no traps or puzzles, other than figuring out where the different sheep paths on the island lead, but it’s very impressive to look at.

In the middle of the day I learned (via a Reddit post) that the Yale course, “The Science of Well-Being” was available for free. I posted that to CHBB, and then signed up for it myself. It looks to be covering pretty much the research results that I summarized in my book chapter on happiness, with some exercises and maybe some more recent results. After I signed up, I did the first week’s lessons and readings.

Before supper I went for an hour walk. After supper I streamed a concert by Voices of Music. This is a local classical group that Marian started us on season tickets for. I last attended a concert by them on Day 1.017. Now, of course, their concerts aren’t happening, so they streamed the latest one: a musical biography of Leonardo da Vinci, the music he would have heard during his life in various cities.

Late, I learned I’ve been nominated the 6th floor person for doing online shopping. I will work on that tomorrow.

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