1.119 grocery, tech support

Monday, 3/30/2020

Went for a run; it felt fine. Saw only maybe 8 other people on the whole route.

Took a tech support call. This is very frustrating because I can’t go to the person’s apartment and actually touch their computer. If it was a laptop or iPad, I think it will be valid to meet in the floor lounge, wipe down the device, and me to play with it while they watch and talk from a distance.

Unfortunately, Judy has an iMac. And she thinks she’s not getting email. She uses the Mail app, which I don’t. (I’ve been using the Gmail web interface since I first got Gmail, when was that? Thank you Wikipedia, beta in 2004, and I believe I applied for and got a beta invitation, so: 2005. Thus I have 15 years of saved mail in Gmail folders. Not about to start using the Mail app.)

So I have to talk this patient and willing, but not very computer literate, person, through trying to diagnose her mail problem, if she has one, on the phone. It wasn’t clear that she had a problem, because I sent her an email and it showed up soon after. We checked her Junk and Trash folders. So I was baffled.

Then I worked on the grocery shopping thing. I went to the lobby and asked if it was alright to use the copier, assuming it would be — but it wasn’t. So back to my room to print 12 order forms. Distributed them. I put an order date of Wednesday on it, so I have another day to collect info. The question will be, whether to use Edgewood Market and their more personal service, or to use InstaCart to order from Molly Stone’s. I’m waiting for reports from other floors’ shoppers.

In the afternoon, 6th floor resident Gwen asked why she hadn’t heard about the shopping? Because I overlooked you in making my spreadsheet, is why. I apologized and she was nice about it.

After supper I played Dear Esther another half-hour, unlocked a new chapter. Then to the normal TV. Late email from staff adds two new restrictions

Spouses of residents in the Lee Center [our nursing/assisted living facility] had been allowed to visit until now. We had made this exception for the well-being of both parties. We are no longer allowing this exception. Effective today, no residents may visit the Lee Center for any reason. Risks continue to increase and we are no longer willing to take this risk.

In addition, staffing is now being scheduled so that there will be no floating of staff between the levels of care (Skilled Nursing, Assisted Living, and Independent Living).

We met with the leadership of Palo Alto Medical Foundation’s (PAMF’s) Geriatric Practice today. We discussed our protocols for isolation, donning & doffing PPE, and our readiness for telehealth. They were complimentary of our preparations and knowledge on each of these topics.



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