1.085 FOPAL, A/V

Tuesday, 2/25/2020

Had breakfast here and immediately drove down to FOPAL to tackle the remaining wall of boxes, probably 15 of them. Which I did, over the next three hours. Ended up with eight boxes of “priced” books ready to shelve.

I took a break for a while, had a little lunch sitting in the car. Then went back in and reorganized the actual shelves. Any book that had been up three months or more at $3 or less, went to the bargain room. After that I went through the priced boxes again, shelving some, setting some aside for a future sale.

One reason for the second pass was, on the first pass I’d noticed a scattering of books about “Agile” development processes. Agile dev was a thing a few years ago, may still be a thing. On this pass I collected about 25 books on “Agile” and “Scrum” dev methods, and set up a special shelf for them. I like having a lot of books on one topic grouped. Last month I found myself with 20+ books on compilers and compiler technology. The month before I had a batch of stuff on ML (modeling language). This sale, it’ll be Agile.

Back to CH for a nap, forgetting all about the Mardis Gras party that was scheduled for the lobby, with a banjo band. I kind of meant to go to that, and zoned out instead. At 5pm it was time for the monthly A/V committee meeting. I signed up to do mics for two chamber music concerts. A/V-wise, that’s a really easy assignment, because they only ever need one, hand-held mic, for the person introducing the group. Chamber instruments are acoustic, and no vocals.

Walked over to the cleaners to fetch my black jacket, had supper with some different people.

A year ago I was getting a blood draw for an upcoming physical, and dealing with a flat tire and the beginning of the real estate sale. Hey, I’m getting a blood draw for a physical tomorrow! Although in fact, I haven’t scheduled a physical; I just got a notice from PAMF that Dr. Marx had ordered bloods.

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