Day 87, blood and real estate

Monday, 2/25/2019

First priority this morning was to get to the PAMF Los Altos lab and get blood drawn so the results would be in for my physical on Wednesday. The car of course is still sitting in the driveway with a flat tire, so I took a Lyft instead. Cheerful young phlebotomist got the needle in with only a tiny sting, and soon I was Lyfted back. For the return trip I opted for the cheaper, shared-ride Lyft. There was another passenger, a young woman in the back seat who chattered at high speed to the driver the whole way. Pleasant, she wasn’t carping or bitching, but goodness, draw a breath, lady.

After some delayed breakfast I headed out to walk to Chuck’s office where I expected to meet him to talk about the sale of the house. I got there and he wasn’t in. After a while his assistant — also his son, Andrew, whom I had not recognized when I came in, to my embarrassment, sheesh I’ve only met him like four times before — called Chuck up and discovered that he had expected to meet at my house, not his office. Mis-communication all around. So he came and got me, only a five-minute drive, and finally we got together.

Then I, Chuck, and Amy, his “stager” (an interior decorator who specializes in getting houses ready to sell) walked around the house and talked about it. Amy was full of ideas about what could or might be done.

We all agreed that everything depended on whether it would marketed to owner-occupiers as a place to live, or to developers as a site to build on. That decision still hasn’t been made. Chuck will talk to a couple of developers he knows and look at more comparables.

Meanwhile I heard all about what Amy would do at a budget of around $30K or $40K to make it more desirable to, probably, a young professional couple with no children (which pretty much describes me and Marian when we bought the place). Gut the kitchen and redo it entirely. Strip out the bathroom tile (which Marian and I had selected with great care and much shopping, in 1975) and redo it. Maybe find a way to sandwich in a bath of some type for the master bedroom.

I tried to hold my tongue on most of this, reminding myself several times that, whatever they did to the house, I wouldn’t be living in it. So the details really didn’t affect me in any way, except by their possible effect on the net sale value.

Amy also spent ten minutes with a copy of the floor plan of the available studio unit at Channing House, giving me several good ideas on that. Soon after they left the mobile tire repairman arrived and fixed the Prius.

Then I sat down with Photoshop and made a better floor plan including a scale-accurate ruler. I printed that out and used the scale ruler to make little scale-size paper cutouts of furniture items so I could push around and arrange different ways. That took me to supper time and there we are.


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