1.084 lights, dentist, FOPAL, SWBB

Monday, 2/24/2020

Got a good night’s sleep. Might have gone for a run, but decided against it. I anticipate plenty of exercise for the day, because over the past few days I’ve been exchanging emails with fellow volunteers at FOPAL. Sometime while I was in London, a really huge donation came in, 30 or more boxes, and very heavily skewed to scientific and computers. I was warned there was a long wall of boxes of computer books waiting for me. Chuck S, who stood in for me, had already culled some and had filled eight boxes with books he thought worth keeping, which he had priced, ready to shelve. But there were many more boxes waiting.

Before I could go tackle those, I had to wait for Chris of Facilities to come  up and install the

under-cabinet lights.

I really need this. The sink and countertop in my kitchenette is lit only from the ceiling, and when I stand in front of the sink, my shadow covers the whole counter. He didn’t arrive until after 10, and finally finished up after 11. The lights look good and work great, a nice hidden strip of LEDs that lights up the counter perfectly.

Also while waiting for Chris I put together the final version of my London pictures; and also called

the dentist

to make an appointment. At the A Capella concert Saturday, eating a peanut M&M, a piece of a molar cracked off. Fortunately it was a molar that had been rooted long ago, so there’s no pain, but obviously it has to be repaired (somehow) (probably very expensively). So that appointment is set. I felt very mature and responsible doing that.

Off to FOPAL where I did find

a wall of at least 20 boxes

lined up, partly encroaching on the neighboring Business section. First I went through Chuck’s eight boxes of priced books and ruthlessly pared them down to three boxes. Anything more than ten years old, if he had priced it at $2, went to the bargain room.

Then I turned to the untouched boxes. I processed, I don’t know, 8 or 10 of them. Much outdated and irrelevant stuff to Bargains. About two boxes worth pricing, priced. By that time it was after 3pm. I knocked off and went home, to rest for an hour before heading out for the SWBB game, the

last home game of the season.

Patti and Diane rode with me. Diane, because her husband Craig had a medical appointment and was driving separately.

This was a genuinely big game, against Oregon. The Ducks had trounced Stanford rather badly in Oregon. Could Stanford get payback at home? There was a major crowd, and even though we had left an hour before game time, the lot I normally park in was full. We crept through heavy traffic down toward the Baseball parking area; no, it was full also; we ended up in the trees beyond the Stadium. Inside Maples the crowd was much larger than normal, and included quite a few people in Oregon colors.

Oregon quickly got ahead and stayed ahead. Stanford closed to within 5, early in the second half; fell back; closed again to 9, and that was how the game ended, Oregon by 9. I had said going in, that losing by less than ten would be a respectable outcome.

Steph Curry and his wife were in attendance, sitting in the end zone. I am told he also attended Oregon’s game at Cal earlier in the weekend. He is apparently a fan of Sabrina Ionescu, Oregon’s star and the probable NCAA player of the year.

Just to review this past few days,

  • Thursday flew  home from London
  • Friday attended a SWBB game
  • Saturday attended a concert
  • Sunday attended an operetta
  • Monday attended a SWBB game

There is nothing scheduled for the next two evenings.


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