1.086 hair, blood, tooth, vertigo

Wednesday, 2/26/2020

Off at 9am for a haircut. Another CH resident, whose name I should know and can’t recall, was just finishing up in Chris’s chair. “Oh, hi!” um, you.

Haircut done, I drove down to Menlo Park to the Stanford Blood Center and donated a pint of my best. My 81st donation, the nurse told me.

With time in hand I drove the length of El Camino to get the car washed; the first wash it’s had in months. Discovered a forgotten energy bar in the center console, so that was lunch. Then off to the dentist to take care of the broken molar.

Dr. Kono explained that the broken off piece was “porcelain” from a crown. The main biting surface of the crown is the gold face of it. This piece, sort of like a fender, doesn’t take a lot of chewing pressure. The exposed surface is a bit rough but not important. So one of three things. One, leave it alone. I don’t like that, my tongue finds the rough edge. Two, replace it, cut off the old crown, take an impression, have a new one made, etc. Or three, glue this piece back on, polish the face a bit so it has less biting surface, and hope it sticks. “50-50 chance,” he said. OK, let’s go with that. So in a 15-minute process he glued the piece back on.

I thanked him and went out to pay the bill. $399. Pretty decent pay for a total of less than 30 minutes work.

Now, an odd thing here. I felt quite comfortable reclined in the chair with my head tilted far back, but as soon as I got up, I felt vertigo, the first in some weeks. Walking the five blocks back home, if I didn’t keep a solid visual horizon, I reeled like a drunk. By the time I was in my room I was getting actively nauseated, seasick. Not good!

But I reclined carefully sitting up on my bed with my head propped forward, and read a bit on the Kindle and napped for an hour and — all better!

Later, I filled out my California primary ballot. I went down to the dining room, looked at the menu, and didn’t like any of the selections. So I went back up and got the ballot, put on a hat, and walked out. Dropped off the ballot in front of City Hall, and had a hamburger and shake at Walburger’s.


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