4.168 shustek, ice cream, meetings

Thursday 05/18/2023

In the morning and at various other times I worked on processing the two videos of yesterday’s choir performances. This involves having iMovie churn for an hour or more generating an .mp4 file. Also worked on two other event videos that Lennie was having trouble with.

At 9:15 I left for the Shustek center where I put in a total of about three hours on Sandy Fraser’s papers. Got through two more boxes, only a dozen or so are left.

I left early at 2pm so I could attend the Ice Cream Social that CH dining services was putting on starting at 2:30. That was the first course of dinner. Then I attended a meeting of FOPAL section managers on zoom at 3pm. Later I delivered a thumb-drive with choir videos to Jerry, and one to Lennie.

At 6 I left for an event at CHM, a presentation by Kathy Kleiman on her book about the women who programmed ENIAC. I use one of those six women as a human interest story in my docent tour but she got to know all of them.

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