4.167 extra value day


Extra value day is what my late Bro-in-law Bill Pawek called, a day of travel that started at dawn and didn’t let up until suppertime or later. Today was laundry day, and also the day when the CH Choir presented its Spring Concert in not one but two performances, at 10am and 7pm. I was running the audio, and also making a video recording of each performance, so that Jerry, admittedly a better video editor than me, would have plenty of material to work from.

I started my laundry at 7am, and put the second and last load in the dryer at 8:45. Then I went down to the auditorium to set up and fiddle around obsessively with the knobs and sliders until the performance at 10. It all went off pretty well to an audience of about 70, including a number of people wheeled over from Assisted Living.

At that point I should have gone and got my laundry but I forgot and went to lunch, and from lunch I headed to my haircut appointment on the 2nd floor at 12:30. From there I scooted back to the 6th floor and rescued my laundry. Somebody, probably Patty who was next on the laundry sign-up board, had heaped my dry load in my laundry basket, so I took that down to my room, and signed in to the 1pm FOPAL monthly post-sale Zoom meeting, only 3 minutes late.

That wrapped up at 1:30 so I had time to fold and put away the laundry before my 2pm zoom appointment with Gerald, the IT manager, to talk about the status of the long-delayed auditorium upgrade. The news there is good; they are finalizing a new quote, and we agreed on the priorities of what to do. Very likely we’ll get it all finished in July.

Then I had two hours clear before I had a dinner date with Edie and the Beelers — funny, that sounds like a 50s doo-wop group — with Edie and Leon and Margaret, better. Finished dinner at 6:20 and time to hit the auditorium to set up for the 7pm performance, which went off even better.

That was followed by a reception in the lobby sponsored by the 10th floor, wine and snacks and a number of people complimented me on the a/v work. Hey, I just turn the system on, it’s the singers who do the work. But it’s nice to be thanked.

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