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Friday 05/19/2023

Went for a walk. Then I sat down to face my email. Somehow there were about 10 different emails in my inbox, each one standing for something I needed to do: pay a bill, give some info, read something, etc. Over about an hour I disposed of all of them, and felt very accomplished.

From 2007 through 2017, I used a different blog, This Page Intentionally, to write about whatever I was obsessing about at that time. For a year-long stretch in 2014 I wrote about the long process of restoring and upgrading my recumbent bike. In 2015-2016 I wrote about a software project. But at other times I wrote about philosophy and other things. I was looking at the old blog and decided to copy the best writings in it, to a single document. Which I did for a couple of hours today.

That was about it. Did some reading. Talked to a couple of people about this or that.

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