4.164 fopal, baseball, picnic

Sunday 05/14/2023

After watering the plants and failing to complete the NYT puzzle — they did a very tricky thing with the clues and I failed to figure out the double-twist — I drove down to FOPAL. It’s the middle of the sale weekend and I was right to check, my shelves were in a mess. I tidied them up and came back.

Not long after I headed out again for Stanford to watch a baseball game. This time I took along my clipboard and a scoring sheet and scored the game. Besides being the last home game of the season, and Mothers Day, it was a wild and wacky baseball game. Top of the first, the first two Arizona hitters reached base, and the third one hit a homer. 3-0 Arizona and nobody is out yet. The game went on like that. So many batters came to the plate on both sides, that despite them using the new 20-second pitch clock, it was 2:15 into the game at the end of the fifth inning. At that point the score was 16-9 Arizona and I was feeling the heat of the sun, so I left.

I’m glad I did leave because the game didn’t get any more sensible after. At the 4 hour mark, bottom of the 9th, Stanford hit a three-run homer to tie the score at 18-18 and they went to extra innings. Top of the tenth, Arizona hits a three-run homer to make it 21-18. Bottom of the tenth, Stanford scores two runs on a double. With two out and the tying run on third base — the last batter strikes out. Loss, 21-20. Football? No, baseball!

Mothers day is one of the holidays where we give the dining staff an early exit. No dinner service; only brown bag suppers that you can order ahead of time. As is our 6th floor convention, those who were in the building for supper brought their brown bags, along with bottles of wine, to the floor dining room for a picnic.

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