4.163 cooking, opera

Saturday 05/13/2023

Went for a moderate walk in the morning. Because I don’t have a saucepan. Or a stove. For fun I ordered some Vite Ramen. They are a small company that developed a complete-nutrition version of ramen. I’d tried some of their stuff back in, oh, 2017 maybe? When I was being an expert on meal replacements. It was good. Recently they had posted that they were back after some supply-chain problems, with new flavors, and just for fun I ordered a sampler pack.

Yesterday it arrove and only then I realized, you make this stuff by boiling the “noods” in a saucepan of water, and I don’t have a saucepan, or a stove to heat it on if I did. All I have is a microwave. Well, I could go down the hall to the communal kitchen for a stove.

So I set out at 8am and walked to good old Ace hardware. Good old, because they open at 8am and always have what I need. It’s amazing how often I go there. Every time, they ask if I have an Ace rewards card. I always say no; they always ask, “Do you want one?” and I always think, I don’t buy hardware often, and say no.

Rather than buying a sauce pan, I bought a 16-oz Pyrex measuring cup. I can heat water in it, in the microwave, and it has a handle that stays cool. Brought it home and made up a bowl of the “vegan spicy seiso” flavor. Oh my, that is actually too spicy for me, I couldn’t finish it.

Anyway my afternoon activity was to help Chuck run his monthly opera presentation. The one he picked this time was Akhnaten by Philip Glass. Unlike previous opera dvds, I actually stayed in the room through this one. This short video gives the flavor of it. Really fine visual stage images. Repetitive music. Silly plot.

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